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Canon XF-105 HD Professional Camcorder XF105

(All city, υmianki, )
Canon XF-105 HD Professional Camcorder XF105

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1. Canon XF-105 HD Professional Camcorder (with all manufacturer supplied accessories)
2. Extra High Capacity InfoLithium Battery -- up to 5.5 hours recording time. This battery is in addition to the standard battery which is included with the manufacturer supplied accessories.
3. Crystal Optics 58mm 3 Piece Filter Kit (kit includes: UV clear filter A must for any camera. Penetrates haze, adds warmth, and protects your valuable lens from scratches, dirt, fingerprints, etc. Leave it on your lens at all times. A PL Polorizer For shooting in bright sun, at beaches, snow, ect. Controls bright light entering lenses for a better balanced color image. Darkens blue skies and reduces reflections from non-metallic surfaces. A FD Fluorescent filter Reduces the greenish cast common to fluorescent lighting and produces pleasing, natural results, particularly in flesh tones.)
4. Universal AC/DC Rapid Battery Charger - Charger with AC Adapter and Car Cord Adapter allows you to charge your battery while the camcorder is in use. This device will save you much waiting time, as you will always have a fully charged battery ready for use. It is necessary for trips, vacations, and special events
5. 16 GB High Speed SD-Picture Card
6. USB Card Reader for Secure Digital/Multimedia Cards -- Using the card reader for downloading pictures off compact flash memory cards speeds up the download time considerably by connecting to your computer's USB port. It also eliminates the need to keep your camcorder tethered to your computer while downloading.
7. Three piece lens care and maintenance cleaning kit
8. Deluxe well-padded, weather-resistant, shockproof carrying case
9. 2 Year Platinum Warranty (covers all parts & labor) -- Includes Nationwide Plan (local service across the United States) allowing you to choose a repair center near you.

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