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Cieplnej film闚 - ogrzewanie pod這gowe (podgrzewana pod這ga filmu)

(Riga, Gdansk, )
Cieplnej film闚 - ogrzewanie pod這gowe (podgrzewana pod這ga filmu) Cieplnej film闚 - ogrzewanie pod這gowe (podgrzewana pod這ga filmu) Cieplnej film闚 - ogrzewanie pod這gowe (podgrzewana pod這ga filmu) Cieplnej film闚 - ogrzewanie pod這gowe (podgrzewana pod這ga filmu)

Odpowiedz: (U篡j zak豉dki Kontakt powy瞠j)
Cieplnej film闚 - ogrzewanie pod這gowe (podgrzewana pod這ga filmu)


Tanie dostaw!

Very good price:

10.67 EUR - Price for 1 (one) square meter (sq. m).

8.11EUR - Price for 1 (one) square meter (sq. m) if you buy the whole roll (100m).

Thermal regulator TR3100EU-16 --> 57 EUR

Electronic floor can be compared to the floor-sized radiator.
New carbon-copper and polymer alloy films, integrated under floor surface, make floor in your apartment (bathroom, hall, nursery, terrace, balcony, etc.) a large radiator, heating of which uses electric power. Nothing else is needed but to maintain comfortable temperature (21-36 蚓), but - if you want so, it can be higher! Your floor will always be warm and dry. Summer touch will be in your apartment longer than just a couple of months each year.
Unlike traditional heating types, where only air is being heated, which in turn heats objects and living beings in the room, long heat waves are not only heating the air, but affect living beings also directly, giving sense of warmth and comfort and also reaching therapeutic effect. Compared to other electric heating types, over 50% savings are reached. And use of a good thermal regulator increases this economy even more.

Thermal regulatorTR3100EU-16. Commutation current up to 16 A, 220 V (3,500 W). Dimensions: 85 mm x 85 mm x 30 mm. LCD with lighting. Sensors: air and floor. Programming: 7 days, 4 modes for every day. Manual temperature mode setting. Set with floor temperature sensor

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